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Policy for Managing Headquarters, Department of the Army Military Strength08/15/2016AASA/DASPDF
Reporting Guidance for Headquarters, Department of the Army Non-Command-Type Command Climate Assessments02/11/2016AASA/DASPDF
Freedom of Information Act Reporting Requirements08/06/2015AASA/DASPDF
TDA Development Guidance for Implementation of HQDA Comprehensive Review Organization Designs07/14/2015AASA/DASPDF
Army Leader Development Inspection, 13 June 2014 - 5 December 201403/16/2015SA/DAS/TIGPDF
U.S. Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA), Inspection Division, Special Inspection of the XVIII Airborne Corps Army Regulation (AR 15-6) Investigation Report Corrective Actions02/27/2015CSA/DAS/TIGPDF
Designation of Army Conference Lead for Major Non-Federal Entity Conferences04/25/2014DASPDF
Contractor Reimbursing U.S. Army for Attendance at Army Provided Training03/03/2014DASPDF
Tasks to Units for Identifying Information Pertaining to All Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program Personnel06/05/2013DASPDF
Establishment of the Army Study Group on Occupational Reliability Programs (ORP)04/15/2013DASPDF
Memorandum of Instruction for the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Army Birthday Celebration Run - 14 June 201303/25/2013DASPDF
Phase 2 of Army Publications Update03/18/2013DASPDF
Update of Publications Affecting Standards and Discipline11/01/2012DASPDF
Implementation Guidance for Attending the 2012 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition10/17/2012DASPDF
HQDA Staff Professional Development Program09/28/2012DASPDF
Army Headquarters Transformation08/13/2012DASPDF
Review of Army Administrative Publications08/02/2012DASPDF
Army Policy on Participation in the 2012 Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition07/23/2012DASPDF
Army Protection Program (APP) Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Assessment Benchmarks (Standards)06/18/2012CSA/DASPDF
Reduction Plan for Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers on Contingency - Active Duty Operational Support (CO-ADOS) Orders05/18/2012DASPDF
Establishment of the Army Task Force on Behavioral Health (ATFBH)05/09/2012DASPDF
United States Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA), Subject Matter Expert Tasking for the Inspection of Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) Impact on Unit Readiness and Cohesion03/07/2012CSA/DASPDF
Tasking Memorandum for Staff Lead Responsibilities for Priority Commemorations07/06/2011DASPDF
MOI for the HQDA Army Birthday Week Run 17 June 201105/19/2011DASPDF
Implementation of HQDA Governance Forum Review Recommendations04/12/2011DASPDF
Distribution of Sensitive Law Enforcement Information by HQDA Staff02/24/2011DASPDF
Army Master Planning Board Charter08/10/2009AASA/DASPDF
FOIA Program Update Memo03/18/2009AASA/DASPDF
Building Trust, Confidence, and Goodwill with Congress Implementation Guidance03/09/2009DASPDF
Staff Lead Responsibilities for Priority Commemorations and Observances12/11/2008DASPDF
Editorial Boards12/09/2008DASPDF
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program09/17/2008AASA/DASPDF
Red Top Taskings11/20/2007DASPDF
SA/CSA Initiatives-IWG Working Groups04/23/2007DASPDF
Army Families04/18/2007DASPDF
Weekly Information for the Chief of Staff, Army04/07/2007DASPDF
Planning Directive - 2007 Army Posture Statement09/14/2006DASPDF
Army Field Museums08/07/2006DASPDF
Army Communication - Thematic Guidance04/21/2006DASPDF
Implementing Instructions for Secretary of the Army Transition Team07/11/2005DASPDF